Photo of Bahama and Colonial shutters


Bahama & Colonial Shutters

Why Choose Bahama & Colonial Shutters?

Our Bahama and Colonial line can give your house or business the appearance you want with the protection you need. Whether it’s that Caribbean flare or the New England look you are after, Croci has a system for you.

Features and benefits

  • With powder coating being handled in-house, we offer complete color customization to ensure your Bahama & Colonial shutters match your needs.
  • Croci Bahama and Colonial shutters have been thoroughly tested to satisfy strict governmental requirements for protection under severe hurricane conditions.
  • Our Bahama shutters provide sun and rain protection while allowing for light control with your choice of 2-inch or 4-inch articulating blades.
  • Choose from code approved or decorative Colonial/Bahama shutters, ask your sales representative which style is right for you.


  • Florida Building Code FL21861-R2, FL21863-R2
  • Texas Department of Insurance SHU-174, SHU-175
Photo of Bahama and Colonial Shutters

Colonial Plan Views

Plan View 1

Colonial Shutter Plan View 1

Plan View 2

Colonial Shutter Plan View 2

Plan View 3

Colonial Shutter Plan View 3

Plan View 4

Colonial Shutter Plan View 4

Plan View 5

Colonial Shutter Plan View 5

Plan View 6

Colonial Shutter Plan View 6

Plan View 7

Colonial Shutter Plan View 7

Plan View 8

Colonial Shutter Plan View 8

Bahama Options

Bahama Shutter Options

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“Great products. High quality. I am glad to be offering there products to my customers at Don DeFlavis Construction. Would highly recommend.”

Don DeFlavis

“I have been happy with all my
wholesale purchases from Croci.
Louanne gives excellent customer service.”

Jonathan Summit
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