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Accordion Shutters

Why Choose Accordion Shutters?

Accordion hurricane shutters are durable, retractable barriers that provide unbeatable protection for your home or business. With their unique accordion-fold design, these shutters are perfect for securing windows, doors, patios, and other openings against severe weather and potential break-ins.

Ease of Use

Designed with the user in mind, our accordion shutter ensures a smooth and easy operation. They can be swiftly deployed or retracted, offering prompt and reliable protection when you need it most. The intuitive design provides homeowners with a hassle-free experience, reflecting our commitment to simplicity and convenience.

Hurricane Protection

Croci Accordion Shutters have been thoroughly tested to satisfy strict governmental requirements (Miami Dade Building Code, Florida Building Code, Texas Department of Insurance) for protection under severe hurricane conditions. When closed, the system locks creating a protection from high velocity winds. Croci Accordion Shutters have been successfully tested to resist hurricane wind loads up to a category 5.

Security Features

Our shutters are more than just a physical barrier against storms; they are a shield for your home’s security. Each shutter is equipped with the industry-leading mortise lock system, acknowledged as the strongest and most popular accordion lock on the market. This advanced locking mechanism allows you to secure your shutters from the inside or outside, with the option of using a key and/or thumbturn, enhancing your home’s defense against intruders.

High-Security Mortise Lock System

Elevating the robustness of our shutters, we’ve integrated the market-leading mortise lock setup, renowned for being the strongest accordion lock available. This high-security feature can be conveniently operated with a key and/or thumbturn, granting homeowners the versatility to secure their shutters from both inside and outside. The mortise lock system not only simplifies the operation but also fortifies the shutters against theft and forced entry, adding an essential layer of security to your home.


Whether you’re looking to safeguard a single window or an entire patio, our accordion hurricane shutters are designed to meet diverse architectural needs. Their flexibility makes them an excellent choice for various property types, ensuring that no matter the space, your investment is protected against both the elements and unauthorized access.


  • Florida Building Code FL13987-R6
  • Texas Department of Insurance SHU-137
  • Miami Dade County NOA 21-0521.01
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